Prefabricated Cement Products

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July 21, 2017

Manufacturing concrete structure is a tough task, as it consumes time manpower money, everything to avoid all these inconvenience a step metric has been developed.
There are N no. of steps right from sourcing the raw material to ending up by finishing touch. This process is ok to buit the structure. But if there will be an emergency and immediate demand then what we will do?
At this point we need something precasted or prefabricated, so which requires a last finishing touch and will get sevrved. Thus prefabricated structures are on rise which means for more convenience for consumers and good business person. Prefabricated rcc products are dwellings manufactured off site in advance that can be easily assembled and shipped on site. Prefabricated materials are designed to move rather than permanently allocated. Prefabricated structure are used mostly in the areas where conventional construction is not possible. The constructions of parts or sections usually takes place in factories, but all these led to fast completion of project.


Fully rcc galvanized
Resistive to corrosion
Need less space to cover up
Long durability
High reliability
Multiferrous design
Quite affordable
Designed in various ways as to meet everyone’s need.

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