Dynamics Changings Because Of Light

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August 5, 2017

The world is getting smaller. Literally. Retail is bringing the world closer, and in a good way. Buying and selling is happening everywhere. From the store at the corner of your street to groups on Facebook to pages on Instagram and yes, through WhatsApp groups as well, retail has made people connect far and wide. Pakistani suits are a rage for those who like dressing in salwar kameezes, while copies of premium branded merchandise bind buyers in India and the sellers from Hong Kong and China. Within one family, palates have started diverging. The little one enjoys her burger, the teenage son is a pizza fan, the wife is on diet and she needs a sub and the man of the house is craving for chaat. But then what is the connection of these things to shopping centres? Now think about this: where will the lady flaunt that spectacular Pakistani suit purchased on one of her WhatsApp shopping groups? And where will that starry-eyed fashionista flaunting an Armani clutch actually go and use it

The only destination that can take care of everything mentioned above is a mall. The existence or current relevance of malls is not in question; the question is, will they stay? Well, only those who reinvent themselves with time are here to stay.

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